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Kim Cattrall: Clueless about men

Kim Cattrall is clueless about men.

The ‘Sex and the City’ actress – who plays maneater Samantha Jones in both the TV series and on the big-screen – insists she doesn’t know much about the opposite sex and just accepts people for who they are. Kim – who has been married three times – said: “I’m dating again, but I know nothing about men. They remain a mystery to me, other than that they are predictable. I think a man shows you on the first date who he is, so that’s when you should be very aware. But I don’t think that you can change anybody. They are who they are. I think that’s the secret to a successful marriage, or a successful relationship, accepting the other person for who they are.”

The 53-year-old star also admitted she sometimes finds it tough being single but relies on her friends to get her through the hard times.

She told Parade.com: “I’m single at the moment, and sometimes you get very lonely being single. Sometimes it’s tough. It’s great to have girlfriends in my life that I can call, just like the characters do in Sex and the City. They get you through the rough times and you also have some amazing, fun times with them.”

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