Alica Keys can sing all her songs live

Alicia Keys (Photo: Sony)

Alicia Keys (Photo: Sony)

Alica Keys won’t record a song if she can’t sing it live. The ‘Doesn’t Mean Anything’ singer won’t rely on studio trickery to help her voice and is prepared to scrap tracks if she can’t get the vocal right.

She said: “I never use Auto-Tune, or anything like that. I won’t have that software in my life. I don’t others using it. But if I can’t sing on my own, then I’m not going to record it.”

Alicia is always writing new songs and even uses her phone to make notes when she feels creative.

She added to Q magazine: “I made some notes on my cell phone a couple of days ago. I’ve got an old idea on there called ‘Holy Love’. But the new one is just a title – ‘The Day After The Night Before’. It’s going to be about love and romance, but it could be about someone waking up and deciding they don’t like the curtains in their bedroom.”

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