Amy Winehouse: Her goddaughter has been teaching her street slang

Amy Winehouse (Photo: Landmark / PR Photos)

Amy Winehouse (Photo: Landmark / PR Photos)

Amy Winehouse’s goddaughter has been teaching her street slang. The ’Rehab’ singer was introduced to the current language used by teenagers by 15-year-old Dionne Bromfield when they were in the studio together working on the youngster’s second album.

Dionne told BANG Showbiz: “She’s 27 and I’m only 15, so when we were writing stuff, I would say certain words and she’d be like, ‘What does that mean,’ and I’d tell her, then she’d be able to think of a more articulate word to fit in instead, instead of me saying a silly slang word.”

Common phrases used by British teenagers today include ‘peng’, meaning a person who looks good, and ‘fomo’, an abbreviation of fear of missing out.

It’s not likely that Amy will be using such words on her forthcoming third album, because Dionne says she likes her music to make perfect grammatical sense.

The ‘Yeah Right’ singer added: “Everything I was saying, she’d be like, ‘No, not working, not working.’

“I kept wanting to put ‘innit’ into my songs, and she was like, ‘You can’t have that in there! It’s too cheap.’

“I’d be like, ‘I’m, not good at this am I?’ And she’d be like, ‘You are, I’m just giving you some healthy criticism.’

“I just thought, ‘I’m not going to argue with her, she’s won five Grammys!’ ”

Dionne’s second album, ‘Good for the Soul’, will be released this summer.

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