Ashley Olsen: She likes to haggle for bargains

Ashley Olsen likes to haggle for bargains.

The actress and fashion designer – who, alongside her identical twin sister Mary-Kate, was recently ranked as the 11th richest woman in entertainment with a combined wealth of $100 million – was spotted trying to unsuccessfully get a deal when purchasing some flowers in Hollywood.

An onlooker explained to National Enquirer magazine: “She was checking out flowers at Moe’s Flowers in West Hollywood which were on sale for $12 for 10 plants. But that wasn’t enough for Ashley, who had the nerve to ask, ‘Can I have these for a dollar each?’

“After being told, ‘Sorry, there’s no haggling here’. She replied, ‘But they’re not the finest quality’, while plucking off dead leaves. The guy then insisted Ashley either pay full price or forget it so she coughed up the 12 bucks.”

It could be that the 24-year-old star is saving up for a designer handbag, as she recently admitted she can’t wait to get her hands on a Crocodile Birkin bag made by French luxury group Hermes.

She said: “The next one I want to get is the crocodile Birkin, but that won’t be for a while. Crocodile is my favourite!”

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  • 🕝 Navdeep

    Toe-dally nawt x10. I used to like the olsen twins but stopped when I was ten when MK had the aoonirx problem (I know, tons of people have this problem. I do feel sorry for them) and I also don’t like them x1000000 ’cause they Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen both smoke ciggerates. Mary-kate was even quoted in the New York Times like five years ago that she likes wearing kimono dresses and runs around naked in her house with five inch plus heels and her friends make fun of her.

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