Beth Ditto likes working with Simian Mobile Disco

Beth Ditto likes working with Simian Mobile Disco because they party so hard.

The Gossip singer has just recorded her first solo EP with the British dance music duo, and admitted sometimes their heavy socialising affected the progress of the record.

She said: “I did go out to a party, but it was a house party, and we had such a good time. I didn’t think I’d know anyone, but it turned out we knew a lot more of the same people than I thought. “We had so much fun that I wasn’t able to go into the studio the next day. I love London!”

Beth said the only daunting thing about working with the duo – made up of James Ford and Jas Shaw – was that she had to sing in front of them, which she finds difficult.

She added: “it was hugely hard for me to be in a studio in an intimate situation because when we had to record the vocals there was no vocal booth by yourself. I get really self-conscious singing to somebody when I’m trying to work out a song and write it in front of people. It’s very intimate.”

Beth’s solo EP will be released through iTunes on March 6.

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