Beyonce Knowles loves London

Beyonce (Photo: Adam Bielawski / PR Photos)

Beyonce (Photo: Adam Bielawski / PR Photos)

Beyonce Knowles loves London. The 30-year-old singer – who is expecting her first child with husband Jay-Z – is hoping to return to the UK capital with her spouse at the end of the year to support close friend Kelly Rowland at the ‘X Factor’ final as she knows she will have a good time there. She said: “If we can both be there, we will. We both love the UK, we love London as a city, and we value our British fans. London is so beautiful. Every time we come, we have a lot of fun, so if we can be there then we will be there.”

While Beyonce enjoys watching ‘The X Factor’ she doesn’t think she would be able to be a judge on the show like Kelly, because it takes such a huge commitment and she doesn’t have the time to support the contestants in the way they need.

Asked if she would be a judge, she told new! magazine: “It’s a big commitment, it’s not just a show you are doing, it’s about changing people’s lives. I would want to give my acts everything I had, and I don’t think for the next few years that’s going to be possible.”

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