Charlie Sheen: His brother fears he may have to be “taken out” in a mafia style

Charlie Sheen (Photo: Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos)

Charlie Sheen (Photo: Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos)

Charlie Sheen’s brother fears he may have to be “taken out” in a mafia style.

The eccentric actor has come under fire for his wild lifestyle – which has seen him hospitalised after partying with porn stars and going on a drugs binge, and fired from his sitcom ‘Two and a Half Men’ – and Emilio Estevez said he might take drastic action to keep him in line. Emilio – who is also an actor as well as a film director – said: “There’s that thing in ‘The Godfather: Part II’ of, ‘I love you, Fredo, you’re my brother, but don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family.

“Then Michael Corleone has to have Fredo ‘taken out’ on the boat.

There are times, like these, when I want to take Charlie our for a boat ride.

“Charlie should know that he might have a boat ride in the future.

Someone’s got to be Michael Corleone.”

Emilio, 48, admitted, however, he didn’t set a great example for his younger brother when they were growing up, and has also had his fair share of wild behaviour.

He added to the Sunday Times newspaper: “All I can do for Charlie, and I can’t live his life for him, is to try and be an example. But really, I was a pretty poor one.

“As a kid, I was smart enough to be surreptitious about my misbehaviour, or at least stealthy. But it means my opinions carry little weight with Charlie.”

Emilio’s latest film ‘The Way’ is in UK cinemas from May 13.

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