Charlize Theron is “desperate” for some sleep

Charlize Theron (Photo: Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos)

Charlize Theron (Photo: Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos)

Charlize Theron is “desperate” for some sleep – because her life is so busy. The 38-year-old actress – who has three movies, ‘Young Adult’, ‘Snow White and The Huntsman’ and ‘Prometheus’, set for release in the coming months – loves using her time off work to rest, as well as fitting in entertaining friends and seeing the world. Asked how she spends her time off, she said: “It just depends, like now, if I have a moment, I sleep. I’m so desperate for sleep. “I like the same things other people like. If I have a chunk of time, I love to travel. I really take advantage of that, pack the suitcase and go somewhere I’ve always wanted to go to get some culture.

“Or sometimes just making a bowl of pasta and inviting 10 people over and staying round the table until 3am drinking red wine and having great conversation.”

The Oscar-winning actress is also a big fan of watching movies.

In an interview with Total Film magazine, she added: “I love watching movies. I haven’t been able to watch a lot of movies recently and I can’t wait to go home and have the screeners come in and just couch up.”

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