Cheryl Cole: Blonde when she was a teenager

Cheryl Cole (Photo: Universal)

Cheryl Cole (Photo: Universal)

Cheryl Cole bleached her hair blonde when she was a teenager. The Girls Aloud beauty, famous for her luxurious brunette hair, used to fickle about her hairstyles and went to some extreme measures over the years to get different looks. She said: “When I was a teenager I got it dyed peroxide blonde. I didn’t realise there were shades like caramel, I just wanted the blondest! I sat in the chair for eight hours with a full head of bleach.”

Even now the 26-year-old star – who currently sports shoulder length brown waves – likes to be impulsive with her appearance and never plans her style changes in advance. She explained: “I’ve always been spontaneous with my hair, whether it’s changing the colour or just saying ‘chop it off’. I went to the hairdressers once for a trim and came out with a fringe and a bob. I dyed it red not long ago on a whim because I wanted to.”

Cheryl’s hair is very important to her and she won’t leave the house if she’s having a bad hair day. She added: “It’s all about the hair. If I’m having a bad hair day, I’m staying at home – sometimes I feel like that. A bad hair day is a bad day.”

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