Cheryl Cole: She has had a seventh tattoo

Cheryl Cole (Photo: Solarpix / PR Photos)

Cheryl Cole (Photo: Solarpix / PR Photos)

Cheryl Cole has had a seventh tattoo. The ‘Promise This’ singer has had a ribbon etched on her lower back, just below an existing butterfly design and it seems to be her biggest piece of body art yet.

An onlooker who saw the new inking said: “It was very noticeable when her studded jacket rode up. It’s clear she’s very keen on body art.”

As well as the ribbon and butterfly, Cheryl has five other tattoos – a barbed wire around her right upper thigh, a Celtic design on her hand, an etching on her bottom, a flower design on her left thigh and ‘Mrs C’ on her neck.

Cheryl, 27, had the ‘Mrs C’ tattoo in 2006 following her marriage to soccer player Ashley Cole after changing her surname from Tweedy to Cole and although they have now divorced, she intends to keep the etching.

Speaking of the artwork, Cheryl has said: “I’m not ashamed of anything. I’ve got nothing to rub away … I don’t feel sentimental about the name.”

Cheryl Cole (Photo: Solarpix / PR Photos)

Cheryl Cole (Photo: Solarpix / PR Photos)

While all her other tattoos have been seen, the design on her left thigh has never been fully revealed in public and the Girls Aloud beauty has previously admitted she was thrilled with it as signified a new start for her.

She said: “It marks a new chapter in my life. It’s flowers, it’s a real piece of art … it’s in a nice part of my body, it’s a gorgeous tattoo. I got it done out in Los Angeles about two months ago. It was a proper artist. We sat down together and designed it properly. It’s a new chapter. It’s got to be.”

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