Daniel Craig’s most treasured possession is his “penis”

Daniel Craig (Photo: Solarpix / PR Photos)

Daniel Craig’s most treasured possession is his “penis”. The ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ actor – who is married to Rachel Weisz – explained along with maintaining a good level of health, his manhood is the most important thing to him. Asked what his most treasured possession is by Vanity Fair magazine, he replied: “Apart from my penis and my health?” In addition to having a particular fondness for his genitalia, the 43-year-old star also revealed he has an unusual quirk on his body.

When asked what his most marked physical characteristic is, he joked: “My third nipple.”

Meanwhile, Daniel’s wife Rachel – who he married in a private ceremony in New York last June, with only four guests in attendance – may have to think about growing a spot of facial hair, as he joked a “good moustache” is his favourite feature of both men and women.

Asked what qualities he likes in men and women, he replied: “A good moustache.”

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