Daniel Radcliffe: He isn’t going to see his girlfriend for “a few months”

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint (Foto: Solarpix / PR Photos)

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint (Foto: Solarpix / PR Photos)

Daniel Radcliffe isn’t going to see his girlfriend for “a few months”. The 21-year-old actor – who is believed to have been dating Olive Uniacke for around nine months – will be starring in stage musical ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying’ on New York’s Broadway from March 27 and admits he will see his UK-based partner less often because she recently landed a new job in England.

He said: “She’s here with me as much as she can be. She’s about to start a new job in not too long though, so I won’t see her for a few months.”

The ‘Harry Potter’ actor also revealed he doesn’t worry about intrusion into his personal life because he is “boring”, but he finds it easier to go out in New York.

He told the USA Today newspaper: “I’m very comfortable discussing my personal life, because it’s so boring.

“I love it, because it’s possible to be kind of anonymous. I’m 5ft 5ins, and I’ll wear a big parka and put the hood up, and nobody gives me a second glance.”

While Daniel is looking forward to appearing in the stage show, he admits he has found it difficult learning to dance.

He said: “The thought of dancing scared me. A lot. Because I have absolutely no aptitude for it.”

However, in addition to extensive rehearsals, Daniel has been taught a trick he hopes will fool the audience over his lack of dancing talent.

He said: “It was a matter of putting in the time so I could develop the confidence. My dance teacher keeps telling me, ‘If you’re smiling, your feet could be doing pretty much anything and no one will care.’ But if you have that rigor mortis look of concentration, it doesn’t work.”

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