Florence Welch: Music industry not good for her sanity

Florence Welch (Photo: Ellis Parrinder / Universal)

Florence Welch (Photo: Ellis Parrinder / Universal)

Florence Welch doesn’t think the music industry is good for her sanity.

The Florence and the Machine singer – whose debut album ‘Lungs’ has been nominated for three BRIT awards – is wary about being famous, and doesn’t particularly like that side-effect of success. She said: “I’m wary of the whole fame thing. I think it has a lot of negative aspects. Obviously, you’ve got to be prepared for people being negative about you. Hopefully it’ll make me stronger.

“I’m easily hurt. I don’t think this profession is any good for my sanity! I mean, do I have to talk about my weight and my spots? I’m very critical of myself. Everything I do, my inner voice never says, ‘Well done.’ It’s more like, ‘Argghh!’ ”

Despite her anxieties, Florence acknowledges that there are some plus sides to being famous, such as the showbiz parties she gets to attend.

The most memorable bash she went to featured Jay-Z praising her deejaying talents.

She said: “I was flown out to Milan to DJ at Donatella Versace’s menswear after-party and it was the most insane thing. There was a roomful of male models in the Versace villa in the middle of Milan. We put on Ray Charles’ ‘I Got A Woman’ and Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z came over. Jay-Z leant over the booth and said, ‘Yeah!’ That was the best thing.”

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