Hanson think Katy Perry is “ridiculous”

Katy Perry (Photo: Robin Wong / PR Photos)

Katy Perry (Photo: Robin Wong / PR Photos)

Hanson think Katy Perry is “ridiculous”. The Oklahoma-based band – who appear in the singer’s video for ‘Last Friday Night’ – explained Katy spent time “entertaining” the extras in between takes, and she was a “lot of fun”. Isaac – who is joined in the group by brothers Taylor and Zac – exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “She was fun, it was a good time. We shared some time on the video set and she was really in character and being totally ridiculous. “We chatted for a few minutes and she entertained the extras between takes. She’s a lot of fun.”

However, the group admitted they thought it was pretty “random” to be asked to be in the video in the first place.

Isaac added: “We were on the road and we randomly got a call from her saying, ‘Hey, we’re talking about this latest video and we thought of you guys. Would you guys be interested in it?’.

“Then we talked with her a little bit about what it was and she said that, ‘You basically have to be yourself and bring the party’.

“Being ourselves was not difficult, we’re glad that she did that but we could probably have dressed up like aliens.”

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