Harry Potter Star Rupert Grint only owns one pair of shoes

Rupert Grint only owns one pair of shoes.

The ‘Harry Potter’ actor – who plays Ron Weasley in the wizarding film franchise – admits he only ever changes his footwear when they start to disintegrate.

He said: “I’ve got one pair of trainers. I’ve got one pair of shoes generally. I find a pair and I just wear them until they fall off me.”

Although he doesn’t like to splurge on shoes, the 21-year-old star is happy to spend money fitting his home with the latest gadgets.

He explained: “I’ve got a little flat in London that I use in weekends and in there I’ve made a cinema. It’s a bit of a cave.

“I have quite a few animals at home, like donkeys and pigs, so they would have been roaming about during our parties.”

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