Hugh Grant: Robert Pattinson is sexy

Robert Pattinson (Photo: Insidefoto / PR Photos)

Hugh Grant thinks Robert Pattinson is “sexy”. The ‘Love Actually’ star is a huge fan of the ‘Twilight’ heartthrob and can understand why women of all ages fawn over him.

He said: “I haven’t watched the second part yet of ‘Twilight’ yet, but I understand the fascination with Robert. I think he’s really sexy!”

Hugh, 49, also revealed how he thought he looked sexy when he wore a cowboy hat in movie ‘Did You Hear About The Morgans?’ – until he saw himself on screen.

He said: “I thought I looked pretty sexy with the Stetson hat. At least I was hoping I would. But after watching the film I have to admit I looked quite daft.

“But you have to know that I always tell the costume designers to make me look as attractive as possible.”

Recently there were reports Hugh was going to quit acting after he said it so many times but now he has just decided to see what projects come his way.

He told Germany’s OK! magazine: “I realised that I’m going to make a fool of myself if I keep talking about it. So from now on I’m going to shut up about it.”

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