Jessica Biel was too “shy” to be popular with boys

Jessica Biel (Photo: Glenn Harris / PR Photos)

Jessica Biel (Photo: Glenn Harris / PR Photos)

Jessica Biel was too “shy” to be popular with boys. The 29-year-old actress – who is in a relationship with Justin Timberlake – insists she didn’t get much attention from guys when she was younger because her insecurities made her seem “aloof”. She said: “I never [got chased by guys] as much as people might think. I’m quite shy, so sometimes guys would find me aloof because they’d think I was acting cool when it was just my nerves. “It always takes me a while to feel comfortable in social situations or when I’m with new people.”

As well as her shyness, Jessica also admitted guys didn’t think she was pretty when she was younger.

She said: “I wasn’t considered attractive at all as a teenager. I was kind of an ugly duckling.

“But when I did Pilates competitions, I started to work on my appearance and body and was determined to make some of the nasty girls who tortured me feel jealous.”

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