Jessica Simpson: She wishes she had smaller breasts

Jessica Simpson (Photo: Scott Alan / PR Photos)

Jessica Simpson (Photo: Scott Alan / PR Photos)

Jessica Simpson wishes she had smaller breasts.

The ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ actress and singer – who is famous for her fluctuating weight – is happy with her current slender US size six figure but admits she wishes she could change her shape and have a bigger butt. She said: “I have a white girl booty. I don’t have a big butt. I’d rather have a happy medium and take some off my chest and put it towards my butt so I could balance out a bit.”

The 30-year-old blonde beauty also admitted she can’t understand why her changing weight attracts so much attention.

She told Closer magazine: “People talked about my weight for an entire year. Being famous for gaining 10lbs is ridiculous! I didn’t feel as fat as everybody was making me out to be.

“Even the president felt he had to make a comment – although I think he was caught off guard as the picture was thrown in front of his face!”

Jessica – who is also a businesswoman with clothing, make-up and fragrance lines – also revealed her latest boyfriend, NFL star Eric Johnson, has helped boost her self-confidence.

She added: “I’m more confident than I’ve ever been in my life. I’m much more at peace with myself and whatever life brings my way.”

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