Justin Bieber: He has been turned into a toy

Justin Bieber (Photo: A. Gilbert / PR Photos)

Justin Bieber (Photo: A. Gilbert / PR Photos)

Justin Bieber has been turned into a toy.

The teen singing sensation’s likeness has been turned into two ranges of dolls – the Music Video Collection and the JB Style Collection.
The Music Video Collection sees figures playing 30-second clips from his hit songs ‘Baby’ and ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ and the dolls are dressed in Justin’s outfits from those videos.

The JB Style Collection, features Justin figurines dressed in “street style”, “awards style” and “red carpet style” outfits.

The mini Justin dolls will be released in December.

Justin, 16, is not the first star to be made into a toy.

During the peak of their fame in the 90s, the Spice Girls all had their own figurines, as did Take That and Britney Spears.

Last year, Sienna Miller was turned into an action figure in the guise of her ‘G.I Joe: Rise of the Cobra’ character Baroness.

She said “I’m not sure if I’m going to be playing with my own doll – but I’m going to have happy nieces and nephews, I’m sure.”

British boy band JLS are also set to be immortalised in plastic, with their range of dolls coming out later this year.

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Justin Bieber

Justin BieberJustin Bieber hat geschafft, wovon viele Musiker träumen. Innerhalb weniger Jahre schaffte er es vom Youtuber zum Weltstar. Der us-amerikanische Sänger räumt regelmäßig die internationalen Charts ab.

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  • 🕝 cloclo

    What could be more mad ! ;) , Man I cant wait to c these doll’s , such a RANDOM idea . this world is mad but I love it ;)

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