Katy Perry: As a child she was only allowed to listen to Christian music

Katy Perry (Photo: Janet Mayer / PR Photos)

Katy Perry (Photo: Janet Mayer / PR Photos)

Katy Perry was only allowed to listen to Christian music when she was growing up.

The ‘California Gurls’ singer – famed for her racy lyrics and flesh-flashing outfits – says mainstream pop music was banned in her household by her religious parents Keith and Mary Hudson.

Katy – whose first album release was a gospel-rock LP entitled ‘Katy Hudson’, which was her name before she switched to her mother’s maiden name – said: “I grew up listening only to Christian music. MTV was blocked on the television. When I went roller-skating, I would go on Christian night: Tuesday night. It was just a part of growing up – parents are strict because they don’t want you to grow up to be Charles Manson.

“But I was always very manipulative as a kid – I got my way. Which has helped my whole life.”

Katy – who is engaged to controversial comedian Russell Brand – has now achieved worldwide pop success and is confident she knows the secret to staying at the top of the charts.

The 25-year-old star – who is gearing up to release her new album ‘Teenage Dream’ – told Esquire magazine: “People’s attention span is so quick these days that if you don’t burn an image into their brain, it will be covered up with something else. I’m singing about who I am and it’s sexy without being trashy.”

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