Kelly Brook has boxing lessons with her boyfriend

Kelly Brook has boxing lessons with her boyfriend.

The 31-year-old model has a number of different ways of to stay in shape, but admits former rugby star Thom Evans wasn’t the best choice of opponent in a fighting class.

She said: “I do Pilates, ride my bike and swim in my pool. “I went to a boxing class with my boyfriend, but he kept jabbing me when the tutor wasn’t looking.”

Kelly is happy with her body and wouldn’t undergo any cosmetic surgery to alter her shape.

She told Now magazine: “I’m curvy so it suits my face to have a far bum. When I’m skinny my face looks haggard.

“No, I wouldn’t have surgery. Some of my friends have had boob jobs and to be honest, I feel lucky because I’ve always had boobs. I love big boobs. I can’t imagine my body any other way.

“I have more idea of what I want now. I’m more confident. I think it’s good to grow old gracefully.”

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