Kelly Osbourne: She sounded “like a man” when she had flu

Kelly Osbourne sounded “like a man” when she had flu. The TV star has been battling the virus over the last few days and her stuffy nose and sore throat gave her a deeper voice.

She revealed: “I hate being ill and when I got an itchy throat last week, I was hoping it was just pollen allergies because the Los Angeles weather’s been amazing recently. But it was the flu and I was talking like a man for days! I took too much flu medication and felt so loopy, I could even appreciate the fact we had evening filming for ‘Fashion Police’ instead of a 6am start.”

Kelly – who is a regular judge on the new TV series – has some time off from work this week and was hoping to enjoy a mini-break or some trips out but her illness has meant she has had to bed in at her Los Angeles apartment with her pet dogs and some DVDs.

She added to Closer magazine: “I really hope I shake it off to enjoy the rest of a rare vacation this week. So far I’ve been watching TV and playing with the new puppy. I love shows like ‘Law and Order’ and ‘CSI’, so I’m having a big catch up.”

Kelly has three dogs, a new Pomeranian puppy tentatively called Noodles-For-Now, Sid – who is also a Pomeranian breed – and her Doberman Blue.

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