Kelly Osbourne: She would hate to look perfect

Kelly Osbourne would hate to look “perfect”. The ‘Fashion Police’ presenter – who lost over 50lbs in 18 months – wouldn’t want to only be known for being beautiful, because it leads to people pre-judging you as a person.

She explained: “There’s such a desire for being perfect in Hollywood and I’ll never understand it. You don’t need to be perfect. I would never, ever want to be the prettiest girl in the room. It’s so much pressure and people never, ever stop to think, ‘Is there more to her than that?’ You’re just a pretty girl and that’s it.”

Even though Kelly has attracted a lot of praise for her new slimmer look, the 26-year-old star – who is the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne – insists people still tell her what they think her physical flaws are.

In an interview with Now magazine, she said: “Coming to terms with the fact that you’re not perfect and it’s OK is comforting. I can’t change who I am. People are always like, ‘No matter how much weight you lose, you’re always going to have a fat face and a big jaw.’ And you’re like, ‘Well, I can’t actually change that, so thanks.’

“The stuff you can’t change about yourself, be OK with it because you have that for a reason.”

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