Kendra Wilkinson: She has a phobia of pizzas

Kendra Wilkinson has a phobia of pizzas.

The former Playboy model used to work at Papa John’s restaurant before she got famous and the experience of has left her unable to feast on the tasty Italian dish because it brings back bad memories.

The 25-year-old beauty said: “The last time I ate Papa John’s … wow. I think I ate it one time after I worked there. Just one time, and that was it. It’s like a phobia now because of the smell that was on my hands. I get really grossed out when I think of that pizza because I had to work with the pizza.”

While she doesn’t eat calorie-laden pizzas, Kendra – who had her first baby Hank Baskett IV with husband Hank Baskett last December – admits she is struggling to lose all her pregnancy weight and gets annoyed when she weighs herself.

She told America’s OK! magazine: “The last time I felt angry was probably when I stepped on the scale. I get so mad at how hard I’m working out, and I look good, but it’s not showing on the numbers. I’m like ‘dang it!’ Right now I feel like I’ve lost – and I look in the mirror like I’ve lost so much – but on the scale, it’s not telling me that. Otherwise, I don’t get angry.”

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