Kesha: No image, just real?

Kesha (Foto: Shelby Duncan)

Kesha (Foto: Shelby Duncan)

Kesha wants to be a “walking celebration of f**k off irreverence”.

The ‘Blah Blah Blah’ singer doesn’t do anything to deliberately create an image and believes her true personality is reflected in her songs and videos.

She said: “OK, you think it’s all an image – well that’s so not true. I would hope to come off as a walking celebration of f**k off irreverence and youth and fun.”

The 22-year-old star also claimed she is like a “pimp dance commander” who loves instigating fun evenings with her friends.

She added: “I get drunk and I like to dance to vinyl records in my room with my friends. I guess I’m not a party girl in the ‘vagina hanging out of my skirt’ kind of way.

“I like getting drunk and partying but not in a gross way, I’m more like a pimp. More like a dance commander. Especially in America, ‘party girl’ is not a good image.”

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KeshaKesha wurde 1987 in Los Angeles geboren und ist seit 2005 als Sängerin und Songwriterin aktiv. Dem internationalen Durchbruch erzielt sie 2010 mit dem Song "Tik Tok".

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