Kirsten Dunst: She has cried over too many “bad guys”

Kirsten Dunst has cried over too many “bad guys”. The 29-year-old actress – who has previously dated actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey McGuire and Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell –has made some bad choices in her love life that damaged her confidence.

She said: “With boys, I was always chewing down my confidence. We all want the bad guy who doesn’t give you what you want. “I did a lot of sitting in my car, listening to sad music, crying over boys…” These days Kirsten is dating musician Jason Boesel and says they enjoys a “chilled” life together.

She told Britain’s Elle magazine: “He’s really lovely, very chilled, he’s not into partying and it works.

“We have similar schedules, long periods of time off and periods of mad work. When I’ve finished work, I travel to be with him. It’s special.”

If things don’t work out with Jason, Kirsten insists she would never date another actor again as it is too easy to get “swept away” and she wants a more settled, stable relationship.

She said: “I don’t think actors should ever be together. How ca two actors ever make a go of it?

“If you do what I do, you get to meet all these amazing actors, musicians, artists.

“It sounds great, but you can get swept away and I want marriage and children. Not yet, in a few years with a guy who is gentle, graceful, intelligent, someone who lives his life by a set of rules.”

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