Leona Lewis is over her fan attack

Leona Lewis (Photo: SonyBMG)

Leona Lewis (Photo: SonyBMG)

The ‘Happy’ singer, who was punched in the face by Peter Kowalczyk as she signed copies of her autobiography ‘Dreams’ on October 14 at a London book store, was left upset and stunned at the time of the incident but has now put it behind her.

Speaking on UK TV show ‘Live From Studio Five’, she said: “At first it was very shocking and I was very upset but you know I’ve kind of put it behind me.

“I just want to keep moving forward and I don’t want it to affect me in any way and it hasn’t either.”
Her attacker pleaded guilty to common assault in court earlier this week. Peter is alleged to say “gotcha” as he punched the pop star.

Leona, 24, also revealed she hasn’t let fame and success go to her head and insists she is still a “normal” person.

Commenting on her good girl image, Leona said: “I think people kind of just see me as kind of the girl next door, which I am kind of normal, very down to earth and I’m glad people see me in that way.

“I think that people are not silly, I’m still a young girl and I do go out and have fun but you know I’m smart with my actions and how I do things.”

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