Lily Allen: She feels like a penguin that “waddles”

Lily Allen (Photo: Landmark / PR Photos)

Lily Allen (Photo: Landmark / PR Photos)

Lily Allen feels like a penguin that “waddles”. The pregnant pop star woke up this morning feeling like the aquatic species of bird – which is known for only being able to move slowly on land – because of her ever-expanding baby bump, but her penguin dilemma led her to start thinking about the chocolate biscuit that shares its name with the animal.

She wrote on her twitter page: “I feel like a penguin, not the chocolate covered biscuity kind, but an actual penguin that waddles … now can’t stop thinking about chocolatey penguins doh! (sic).”

Lily – who got married to Sam Cooper earlier this summer – is starting to feel the effects of pregnancy as she enters her third trimester.

In a twitter post on Sunday (21.08.11), she wrote: “I can’t see my toes and I’m not bendy anymore.”

Since tying the knot in June, Lily and Sam have been living in domestic bliss at their country home in Cranham, Gloucestershire, South West England.

The 26-year-old singer has even been learning how to knit and sew, previously saying: “I’m being taught how to knit. I’m so not rock ‘n’ roll anymore. I’m embroidering too. I’m actually in the process of making cushions.”

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