Lily Allen: She has been learning how to make cushions

Lily Allen (Photo: Landmark / PR Photos)

Lily Allen (Photo: Landmark / PR Photos)

Lily Allen has been learning how to make cushions. The pregnant singer revealed she is not “rock ‘n’ roll” anymore since her wedding to Sam Cooper last month and has now taken up knitting and embroidery after setting up home in the countryside in Cranham, Gloucestershire, South West Englan, with her new husband.

She said: “I’m being taught how to knit. I’m so not rock ‘n’ roll anymore. I’m embroidering too. I’m actually in the process of making cushions.”

Although she is enjoying a quieter way of life, Lily – who is on hiatus from her pop career – does miss performing live, but has a lot of preparations to make ahead of the arrival of her baby.

She added: “When I go to gigs and stuff, I get a slight pang of envy and I think, ‘Oh I do miss being up on that stage.’ But I have other priorities at the moment.”

Lily – who tragically lost her baby last November when she was six months pregnant – took to twitter recently to reveal she is suffering from common side effects of pregnancy, morning sickness and hot flushes.

She tweeted: “Aah the joys of pregnancy, just got papped vomiting on Bond Street.

“Oooh, its proper raining in Gloucestershire today. Does not feel like July at all, but that’s good cause I’m preggers and hating the heat. (sic)”

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