Madonna believes the key to relationships is “compromise”

Madonna (Photo: Janet Mayer / PR Photos)

Madonna (Photo: Janet Mayer / PR Photos)

Madonna believes the key to relationships is “compromise”.

The twice-wed singer – who is currently dating 24-year-old dancer Brahim Zaibat – is always ready to change for a partner because she knows how important it is. She said: “I think with all relationships you are going to have to give up something. It is a juggling act, it’s about compromising.” Madonna – who wrote, produced and directed new movie ‘W.E.’ – also revealed she has learned a lot from former spouses Guy Ritchie and Sean Penn when it came to filmmaking.

She explained in an interview with Grazia magazine: “Of course I learned from them. I watched closely to see what both of them did, with Sean as an actor and director and Guy as a director.

“With Sean, I saw the importance of preparing before you get to the set.

“Guy is a much more visual director and he takes a lot of risks when it comes to camera moves and things like that. He breaks the rules and so I learned a lot from him in that aspect.”

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