Madonna was “a joy” to work with on the set of ‘W.E’

Madonna (Photo: Janet Mayer / PR Photos)

Madonna (Photo: Janet Mayer / PR Photos)

Madonna was “a joy” to work with on the set of ‘W.E’. Actress Andrea Riseborough – who plays lead Wallis Simpson in the movie, which was written and co-produced by the signer – found the star’s “passion and strength” in telling the tale of the American socialite “infectious”. Asked what Madonna was like to work alongside, she said: “A joy. Her passion was infectious, her strength was admirable and we were complicit from the outset about how and why we wanted to tell this woman’s story.”

The 30-year-old star has since been shooting new film ‘Resistance’ in Abergavenny, Wales, and admits after the landscape of her surroundings “rubbed” off on her to the extent that she has now started speaking to her pet dog in Welsh.

Andrea explained to Total Film magazine: “The DNA of the landscape rubs off on you. Every morning I’d be taken aback by how the light fell on the land. I didn’t learn Welsh though, besides some words I say to my dog.”

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