Marina Diamandis learnt a lot from Katy Perry

Katy Perry (Photo: Robin Wong / PR Photos)

Katy Perry (Photo: Robin Wong / PR Photos)

Marina Diamandis learnt a lot from Katy Perry. The Marina and the Diamonds star recently toured with the ‘E.T.’ hitmaker and says the support slot allowed her the chance to understand more about huge stage productions. She said: “I think I relate to Katy because she fought really hard to get where she is right now. “I chose to do the tour with her because I wanted to analyse everything. The production was amazing – it’s one of the biggest tours in the world right now – and I learnt a lot from her.”

Marina used to be annoyed at being grouped with other female singers but insists the comparisons are no longer important to her.

She told Stylist magazine: “I don’t care anymore about the comparisons but I used to. As a female singer starting out, you’ll always be grouped with other women. But once you’ve established your name as an individual, it doesn’t happen.”

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