Matthew Morrison loves to walk around naked

Matthew Morrison loves to walk around naked. The 32-year-old actor – who is best known for playing teacher Will Schuester in ‘Glee’ – relaxes in his home without wearing clothes, but admits it can be tricky because fans are often outside his house.

He said: “For me, the most absurd fans are the ones who camp outside my house. It’s strange. “Luckily, I have a big gate and it’s very protected, but it’s a little scary as I look around for cameras before I sunbathe in my yard. “I love walking around naked in my house. Who doesn’t? But when I walk by the window I have to make sure there’s no one outside.”

As well as meeting fans by his home, Matthew revealed he often has bizarre encounters in unusual public places.

He explained to Now magazine: “The oddest place I’ve been recognised was n the urinal. A guy came up to me and said, ‘Hey, what’s up dude?’ ”

When filming ‘Glee’, Matthew loves working with Jane Lynch, who plays Sue Sylvester.

He said: “She’s become my best friend from the show, which is why our relationship works so well.

“Jane makes me laugh constantly. It’s hard doing scenes with her as she’ll throw in weird facial expressions that make me howl.”

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