Natalie Portman loves “dirty” jokes

Natalie Portman (Photo: Bob Charlotte / PR Photos)

Natalie Portman (Photo: Bob Charlotte / PR Photos)

Natalie Portman loved the “dirty” jokes she was told on the set of her new film. The 29-year-old actress shot ‘Your Highness’ with James Franco and Zooey Deschanel in County Antrim and County Down in Northern Ireland and has revealed the Irish and British crew members all had a very rude sense of humour.

She told the Daily Mail newspaper: “Their dirty jokes made me laugh so much. I wasn’t outraged, although they were scandalous! “However, there’s a time and a place for jokes and sometimes things are inappropriate – like first thing in the morning, like 5.00am – but I’m not too precious about that kind of thing.”

The brunette beauty – who stars as all-action Isabel in the medieval caper – also insists she has no qualms about appearing in comedies after winning an Oscar for her dark portrayal of a tortured ballerina in ‘Black Swan’.

She explained: “The big thing I’ve been wanting to do is not be snobby and just do prestige movies, because that’s really limiting – and it’s joyless to do those kind of movies all the time. I don’t want to fit into some mould of respectability.

“Meryl Streep doesn’t do the so-called ‘right’ kind of film all the time. Sometimes it’s just about having fun. I think it’s important to be irreverent and make a point of not meeting other people’s expectations.”

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