Ne-Yo: He started losing his hair when he was 13

Ne-Yo started losing his hair when he was 13.

The ‘Beautiful Monster’ hitmaker is known for wearing a hat but he originally decided to don headgear when he was a teenager to hide his receding hairline. He said: “The men in my family start losing their hair really early on. My hair started receding when I was just 13. So that was why I originally started wearing hats. Then I got super-confident with who I am, but they were already part of my look, so the hats stayed.”

Despite his love of headwear, Ne-Yo insists he doesn’t have a “lucky” hat because it is hard to wear things more than once when you’re in the public eye.

He explained: “That’s the c**p thing about being a celebrity. Once you’ve worn something and someone’s taken a picture of it, that’s it. You can never wear it again. So I can’t have a lucky hat, T-shirt or shoes.”

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