Pamela Anderson: She was sick when she first posed for Playboy

Pamela Anderson (Photo: Tina Gill / PR Photos)

Pamela Anderson (Photo: Tina Gill / PR Photos)

Pamela Anderson cried and was sick when she first posed for Playboy. The 43-year-old beauty was stunned when the adult publication asked her to bare all for them but she quickly overcame her nerves about stripping off in public.

She said: “I was so confused. I told me mom about the offer and she said, ‘Do it. I’d do it.’

“I was so shy I was sick. They got the cover in the first roll of film because I was in tears thinking, ‘Oh my God, this woman, she touched my boob, this is not for me.’

“And then, after a while shooting, I became so comfortable they had to stop before I walked out of the studio door nude.”

The former ‘Baywatch’ star also admitted she doesn’t feel she should have had a breast enlargement operation, and insists she wouldn’t go under the knife for other cosmetic reasons.

She said: “I remember being in the gym at Playboy with Kimberley Hefner and we were looking at these pictures and I was going, ‘My God – look at their bodies! They’re great’. And she said, ‘Well, you know they have fake boobs?’ I could not believe it.

“I went, ‘Sign me up, this is not fair. This is not an even playing field’ and within two weeks I did it.

“But I don’t think I really needed to. And I haven’t done anything else and I don’t plan to. I hope to age gracefully.”

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