Paris Hilton: How she feed her dogs

Paris Hilton (Photo: Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos)

Paris Hilton treats her dogs to snacks before bed.

The animal-loving star – who has several pet pooches – makes sure her beloved mutts go to sleep on a full stomach every night.

She tweeted: “Just finished giving all my puppies their late night snack and now tucking myself into bed. Sweet dreams everyone!”

Before she heads off to bed Paris – who is dating former ‘The Hills’ hunk Doug Reinhardt – sticks to a special routine to get herself ready for a good night’s sleep.

She revealed in another twitter post: “A bubble bath is the perfect end to a long day.”

As well as her dogs, Paris also has a pet parrot who likes to greet her when she gets home.

She wrote on twitter: “Just got home from a long day of meetings. First thing I heard when I walked in was my Parrot Hank Bark, Oink, Whistle then say ‘Hello Hank!’ (sic)”

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