Pete Doherty has written a song for Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse (Photo: Landmark / PR Photos)

Amy Winehouse (Photo: Landmark / PR Photos)

Pete Doherty has written a song for Amy Winehouse. The former Libertines frontman played his last show in London “for a long time” last week and unveiled a track he has written as a tribute to the late singer, who died suddenly at her home in July aged 27. Introducing the song, he said: “Amy Winehouse asked me a while ago if I had written any new songs. I played her something, and when I had finished, she looked at me and said, ‘Is that it? Is that all you’ve got?”

The song he played was a slow, acoustic led number, and although the lyrics were hard to make out they include the line “oh Amy, she won’t be around tonight”.

Pete also dedicated the show to Amy and documentary maker Robin Whitehead, who was making a film about the singer and guitarist at the time of her death last year. He also announced that he will be now be taking time off to write new material.

He said: “This will be the last gig in a long time because we need to go and get some new things together so this is it for a while. I want to dedicate this show to the memory of Robin Whitehead and Amy Winehouse, two good friends of mine.”

Pete has also recently played a version of Amy’s song ‘Tears Dry on Their Own’ live, which he recently revealed he has recorded a reworked version of.

He said: “A couple of years ago when she first released it there was an idea kicked about that I was going to do an alternate version.

I did actually write some alternate verses and record them but in the end no-one seemed to like it so it disappeared. But I’ve always loved that song, it’s a f***ing amazing tune and I’ve always wanted to do some tribute.”

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