Robbie Williams: He laughed at Kylie Minogue when he saw her naked

Robbie Williams (Photo: Rui M. Leal / PR Photos)

Robbie Williams laughed at Kylie Minogue when he saw her naked. The pop star ruined his romantic chances with the Australian singer after drunkenly chortling as she undressed in front of him for the final scenes of the video for their 2000 duet ‘Kids’.

Robbie – who is now married to actress Ayda Field – had harboured a crush on Kylie since she starred on TV soap ‘Neighbours’ and when she surprised him by taking off her robe at the end of the shoot to reveal she was wearing nothing but a G-string he nervously burst into laughter.

He revealed in his new book ‘You Know Me’: “I just burst out laughing, which I don’t think went down well with Kylie.

“I may have offended her too and she must have felt vulnerable being naked on set and being naked in front of me. I think any chance of anything disappeared when I laughed at her.”

He then started drinking Drambuie liqueur “to get some Dutch courage, but it backfired”.

In the book, Robbie has also claims he has invented a new sport – called “folf”.

The game – a combination of golf and football – was the brainchild of the singer on his last tour in 2006.

It quickly became a favourite with the Take That star, who doesn’t like leaving home and can enjoy playing it in the grounds of his Los Angeles mansion with pals.

The newly-married singer along with the book’s co-author Chris Heath explain that “folf” is: “A distraction on tour which has been recently reimagined as a convoluted 18-hole game which utilises his Los Angeles back garden.

“Right now, he’s not too keen on going out, but frequently in the afternoon the house fills with arriving folf players.”

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