Robert Pattinson: He doesn’t have time to buy food

Robert Pattinson (Photo: Solarpix / PR Photos)

Robert Pattinson (Photo: Solarpix / PR Photos)

Robert Pattinson doesn’t have time to buy food. The 24-year-old star has little free time because he is in such high demand and he admits he hasn’t been to a supermarket for a while.

Asked if he still does his own grocery shopping, he said: “I work seven days a week at the moment and so I kind of don’t do it. I don’t have time!” The ‘Twilight’ actor’s sparse spare time is so precious to him he even looks forward to getting on a plane to travel from one place to the next.

He said: “Airports are always difficult, especially in Los Angeles. LAX is hard but you just do all these crazy little things, like you get your plane ticket 20 minutes before the plane takes off. That’s really the only way to do it.

“I look forward to plane journeys. That’s how pathetic it is!”

When he does get some time away from work commitments, Robert relaxes by playing music, and he is determined to practise his skills more often.

The screen heartthrob – who plays guitar and piano, and writes his own songs – said: “I still love playing music with people. I was in New Orleans the other day and I was playing with the band from New Orleans Salvation at the Preservation Hall.

“While I was playing piano, I thought, ‘Jesus, why don’t I do this anymore?’ It was amazing.”

The ‘Water For Elephants’ star provides vocals on two songs on the ‘Twilight’ soundtrack, ‘Never Think’, and ‘Let Me Sign’.

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