Zoe Saldana feels “sexy” working with men

Zoe Saldana – who stars in the action movie with Jason Patric, Chris Evans and Jeffrey Dean Morgan – insists she never feels she is missing out by having no female company on set with her as she loves action movies so much.

She told The Independent newspaper: “I love working with boys, and I probably do that more than most actresses. I got to do it on ‘Star Trek’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and now ‘The Losers’.

“It just makes me feel sexy, I guess. And these kinds of films – sci-fi and action – with all male crews are just the kind of films I want to make. I love girls, don’t get me wrong. But, as a woman, to get to play rough characters gives me a lot of freedom and versatility. “I like holding the gun and participating in saving the day because I think it’s really sexy.” However, the ‘Avatar’ star admits being the only woman in the cast has its drawbacks.

She explained: “I almost feel like you have twice as much work to do because you don’t want to be singled out. “You’re already the only girl, so if you’re the one who says, ‘I can’t do this,’ it’s going to be like, ‘She’s wimping out because she’s a girl,’ so I toughed it out. I wanted to impress the guys.”

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