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Do it yourself Peeling

Peeling (Photo: Grata Victoria |

Peeling (Photo: Grata Victoria |

Why always just buy everything from the chemist’s? I’m a real fan of doing things myself. The greatest advantage in my opinion: knowing preciseley what is in it. When making your own cosmetics, you can avoid antidegradants and at the end you’ve got a product of your own taste.

From time to time I’m going to present things for you to do it yourself here. Today we’re going to start with a peeling. Here are my 3 favourite self-made peelings:

1. Sugar and oil peeling

Take a few spoonfuls of sugar (I use unrefined sugar for its pureness and higher nutritional content, but others work just as well), add a few splashes of olive oil and stir it together thoroughly. Then apply the mixture, leave it for a few minutes and wash off thoroughly.

2. Salt and milk peeling

Take a few spoonfuls of salt (I prefer Dead Sea salt) and add enough milk until you have a good, spreadable paste. Then spread over your skin in a gentle, sweeping motion. (I do it with my hand, but it also works really well with a plastic spatula) Leave it for a while and then wash it off thoroughly.

3. Almond-yoghurt peeling

Take a few spoonfuls of unsweetened yoghurt (I prefer organic yoghurt) and the same amount of ground almonds plus a little honey. Mix the ingredients together thoroughly, apply thickly and enjoy the effects. Then, as always, wash it off thoroughly.

Of course, you can experiment with the quantities. The amount of the active peeling ingredient (sugar, salt, ground almonds) determines the strength of the peeling action.

Have you got your own peeling recipes? Then tell me! I look forward to all suggestions. Let’s get collecting.

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