How can you truly get rid of dark eye circles?

Dark eye circles (Photo: Jupiterimages |

Dark eye circles (Photo: Jupiterimages |

Actually I had slept enough and it wasn’t after a booze-up when I looked into the mirror the other morning and what I saw struck me like a slap in the face. There they were: big, deep black circles around my eyes. I looked like a drug addict in the final stage of her addiction. Okay, maybe I exaggerate just a little bit. But definitely I couldn’t leave the house looking like that.

I need to get rid of those rings / circles under my eyes

… that was for sure. But how? I opened – like always in such critical cases – my trendy MacBook and asked the almighty Google.

After one hour and countless calls on various forums I got some ideas. I collected the most important facts, so that you won’t have to do the same:

First of all: That stuff probably is heritable. Either you have them now and then or you don’t. You can help them grow with drugs, alcohol and a lack of sleep and food. But even if you live 100 % healthy, you are not safe from them. One night of bad sleep can be enough. Once they are there, the following homespun remedies help to banish them as soon as possible:

1. Covering

This is the most reliable and also the quickest solution. Admittedly, the dark rings don’t disappear. But who cares, if nobody sees them? Put the camouflage on and everything is going to be fine.

2. Teaspoon method

You simply take a teaspoon and put it into the freezer (better you have an emergency supply, who wants to wait for ages?). Now you hold the ice-cold spoon very close and move it in certain intervals towards the rings under your eyes. (Don’t touch them!)

3. Teabag method

You take a teabag (black tea), pour it with hot water, let it cool down a bit and then put it on the evil rings.

4. Potato method

You cut a potato in halves centrally, cut off two big slices and put them on your eyes. Do you know yourselves some tricks about how to get rid off these annoying dark rings / circles under your eyes? Please let me know quickly! You can post them right below this article. If you have your own website, please enter below and you will get a link for free.

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