Revealed: Google Pad in competition with Apple iPad?

Apple iPad (Photo: Apple)

Apple iPad (Photo: Apple)

At a recent Los Angeles event, Google CEO Eric Schmidt let slip to one of his friends that Google is working on a tablet device to compete with iPad, according to the New York Times.

The Google Pad is – not surprisingly – running on the Google Android operating based system and have been in development for quite a while. They have already tested the distribution of books, magazines and other content with some media houses.

iPad: Manufacturers have learned from the iPhone disaster

Other manufacturers – such as Microsoft and HP – work feverishly to find an alternative to Apple’s iPad. Obviously, they learned from the “iPhone-disaster” and want to respond to Apple’s innovations more quickly.

Google vs. Apple

Google and Apple are becoming fierce competitors. Although the two technology companies initially cooperated, they now fight each other in their core markets. Google came out with its own mobile phone (Nexus) to counter the iPhone, while Apple poached with the mobile advertising system IADs from Google’s territory.

iPad: Sexy, but confining

The iPad is at the core of criticism concerning the monopolization of content. Similar to the iPhone the content for the iPad will be sold exclusively by Apple. The company decides what content and applications is made available to users. With an increasing number of apps rejected, there is growing criticism on the closed eco-system of iPhone / iPod / iPad / iTunes / appstore.

Whether Google really wants to sell its own pad with in-house hardware – as it has with the mobile phone market – or only plans a customized version of its Android platform,  is unknown. Many will vote in favor of Google, as its Android phones have shown that the market gratefully absorbs such concepts. With Android-based componentry, a second platform is available on both mobile phones and pads.

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